IEEE YESIST 12 2021 - Junior Einstein Track Winner

Project Amra Shunbo

  • Team Name

    Amra Shunbo

  • Project Name

    Project Amra Shunbo

  • College Name

    Gazipur Cantonment College Dhaka Imperial College

  • Team members

    1. Ahnaf Tausif Nehal 2. M. S. Mottaquin Tashin

  • Country



“Amra Shunbo” goes with the motto, “You tell, We listen.” It works for people who can’t express themselves properly in society. The team of Amra Shunbo works for those people so that they can use our facilities to express themselves properly. We offer different kinds of sessions both free and paid which is also really cheap. By utilizing these features, they can express them properly, they can share their ideas and anything they want keeping no judgments in mind. We will give them every bit of space they need. We are working to build a society with better mental wellness.


Lacking a specific person to hear can easily make the pillow crimson with the bloody tears rolling down their cheeks, unable to express their wishful desires. And these desires sometimes either lead to hard labor to achieve it or downs them into depression, which slowly turns into a significant issue. Anxiety, frustration, desperation, etc. can be included in those major issues. Then demotivating that fellow person, being unable to recognize those problems and unwilling to admit the case, burdens them with the heaviest stone that could ever be placed on their hearts. The most prominent solution that any great thinker ever makes is to express, share, and laugh. Now, the absence is not anymore. Believing in the verse, “Prevention is better than cure, “we present you the very dear to our heart” AMRA SHUNBO,” where you tell, we listen. Our skilled moderators will make the environment a homie irrespective of your name, gender, identity. All we will do is listen, understand, ask(not very personal, that will hurt your inner soul), give you some fantastic suggestions, and keep everything anonymous with no further records about your issues. Nowadays, people only want to tell but not to listen. Thus, we want to be a ray of light in your darkest times. So, that’s how, we will be giving all our importance to provide you with an all-time companion to hear from you, to assist you, to give you personalized feedback.


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