Innovation Challenge is an international project competition established by IEEE Madras Section and IEEE Education Society to encourage the participants to come up with innovative ideas for the social and humanitarian issues. Here YESIST12 act as as a platform to bridge the gap between the engineers and visionaries to contribute to the society with innovations.

This exceptional platform conducts competition in two stages. The preliminary stage is conducted across Asian and African countries and the team that tops the round wins a chance to compete globally to address humanitarian and social issues like poverty, famine, special needs, women safety, healthcare, disaster management, and many more. 

Dreaming leads to creativity and creativity innovates the future. The theme Preparing for the future: Sustainable Transformative Technologies aims to create a platform for the Engineering Students and professionals to think about futuristic technologies like autonomous vehicles, robotic companions, self repairing systems, disaster prediction and risk management and so on.   


The projects can have applications in any of the following domains of UN Sustainable Development Goals or new domains thereof:

1. Uplifting societal standards

3. Special Needs and healthcare

5. Natural Resource management and protection

2. Disaster prediction and Risk Management

4. Women and children Safety

6. Geographical and space science


UN Sustainable Development Goals

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Points to be noted by the Participants

Benefits to the Participants

Points to be noted by the Pilots:

YESIST12 Innovation Challenge is organized to recognize the best social innovators in Asia Pacific. Students with drive and passion towards helping humanity. This is organised in two tiers – The first round of the competition is to be held all over the world in the pilots selected on the basis of registration.  The students are expected to submit the abstract through the website with a preference for the pilots and their project under the theme will be evaluated by a set of Jury who will select one team to represent the pilot at the finals.    

Who can be the Pilot?

Pilots are selected all over the world for conducting the prelims of this track. The Organizing Committee announces the call for pilots for the various countries and interested individuals/IEEE members/IEEE section/Universities/industry can act as the host for the competition.  If an individual is hosting, the organization to which he/she is affiliated will be taken as the Pilot.

Responsibilities of the Pilots:

The pilot universities/sections/institutions are encouraged to conduct the preliminary round of the “INNOVATION CHALLENGE TRACK” belonging to the  YESIST’12 2022

Benefits to the Pilots:


Event Updates

For any Queries, please contact

Co-Chair 1

Ms. Tasnim Binte Shawkat
Assistant Professor, RUET, Bangladesh
Co-Chair | Innovation Challenge
Email ID: [email protected]

Co-Chair 2

Dr. Bindu A. Thomas
Professor & Head,Dept. of ECE,VVIET, India
Co-Chair | Innovation Challenge
Email ID: [email protected]