Alex Daniel Pizarro Chozo

Publicity lead, Innovation Challenge

I am Alex Daniel Pizarro Chozo, young professional in electronic engineering, I am from IEEE region 9, country Peru. Interested in the development of robotics, I had the opportunity to request the opening of the RAS Chapter and with the support of my friends, I assumed
the responsibility of being the first president of the RAS Student Chapter of my university, where I had the opportunity to develop different workshops inside and
outside my university for the benefit of the students and my own benefit helping me to lead work teams and project development. I also knew about the Photonic
UNI Chapter in my country, of which I became a member and was able to attend the workshops they were carrying out. I participated in INTERCON 2019 Lima-Peru, as a representative of my IEEE student branch. I am currently advisor to the student chapter IEEE RAS UPN - Lima Norte Perú. I have developed different projects in the university about Robotics and also at work. I am currently electronic engineer at hospital in my country to repair and maintenance of medical equipment. I am planning to do a master's degree in electronic circuit design in biomedical photonic sensors or similar to it andthus be able to help for the benefit of society.