Heshan Mallawarachchi

Designer - MakerFair

Joined IEEE in 2019.

Brand Ambassador at IEEE

Former editor at IEEE Student Branch University of Jaffna.

Participated in the IEEEXtrem 13.0

Delegate in IEEE SYW Congress 2019 organized by IEEE Sri Lanka Section.

Volunteered at two-day seminar sessions conducted by IEEE SLinspire in the University of Jaffna parallel to “Science for better future” educational exhibition organized by Faculty of the Science University of Jaffna.

Former member of the creative content team in IEEESYW congress 2020, organized by IEEE Sri Lanka section.

Volunteered as the Designer in IEEESymp 2020, Which was organized by the WIE Sri Lanka Section.

Participated in the IEEEXtreme 14.0

Present vice-chairman at IEEE student Branch university of Jaffna.

PES Day Ambassador 2021

Designer at MakerFair Track of IEEEYESIST12 ,2021

Project Chair at “Benvenuto 2021” Which was organized by IEEE Student Branch University of Jaffna to welcome new members to the Student Branch.