Takako Hashimoto

IEEE Japan Council Chair (2021-2022) | Vice President, Director of International Center, Chiba University of Commerce (Professor)

Takako Hashimoto graduated from the Ochanomizu University in Japan, and received a Ph.D. in computer science, specialization in multimedia information processing, from the Graduate School of Systems and Information Engineering of University of Tsukuba in 2005. She worked at the software R&D center of Ricoh Co. Ltd., in Japan for 24 years, and participated in the development of many software products as a technical leader. From April of 2009, she was involved in Chiba University of Commerce. In 2015, she stayed at University of California, Los Angeles as a visiting researcher. She is currently the Vice President and Professor of the faculty of Commerce and Economics at Chiba University of Commerce. She has focused on the data mining research and the social media analysis, especially topic extraction from millions of tweets related to disasters and topical problems like COVID-19. She is served as a Board Member of the Database Society of Japan, Chair of IEEE Japan Council, and BoG of IEEE Computer Society and has served as the Past Chair of IEEE Women in Engineering (2015-16). In 2019, she received the IEEE 2019 MGA Larry K. Wilson Transnational Award, and Fellow of the Information Processing Society of Japan.