Xiomara Andrea García Torrejón

Volunteer, IC Track

I am a student of the 5th cycle of the Mechatronics Engineer, IEEE member since 2019, in this same year I was summoned to belong to the Board of Directors of the IEEE WIE UPN-Lima Norte Student Affinity Group with the position of Vocal. Later I was elected in 2020 to the position of President of the IEEE WIE UPN-Lima Norte Student Affinity Group. Be part of the Organization Committee of the IEEE YESIST 2020 Pilot Event (Replica Event authorized by R10). I am also part of the SpinOut UPN community that seeks to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation. Currently I have the position of President in the IEEE UPN Lima Norte Student Branch, based on my experience I can limit that in the time that has elapsed from being a member and being part of the IEEE WIE Board of Directors I have learned many new things that have helped me to develop as a student , seeing how this IEEE WIE Affinity Group inspires girls and young people in general, helping them with academic interests and entrepreneurship in their careers. At the moment I am developing projects in conjunction with the aforementioned organizations.