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Ankita KS

Senior Technology Journalist at EFY Group

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Professional Info:

Ankita works as a Senior Technology Journalist at EFY Group. In her day to day job she conducts interviews with senior CXOs of top MNCs for Electronics For You, Open Source For you and Electronics Bazaar. She covers various trend and innovation stories and also work as an editor for contributory articles from various resource persons and review and publish them on our websites and print. She leads the conference and speaker management team for mega conferences conducted by EFY. She has been an active volunteer with IEEE right since her college days. She currently wears the hat of Vice Chairman at IEEE Young Professionals Bangalore Section. She has also recently received the outstanding IEEE Young Professional Volunteer 2018 award for her contributions to Bangalore Section.

She has worked for Bangalore section under various roles, like secretary– YP, Chair of her Student branch, SAC team mentor, treasurer – YP and representative for Ad hoc committees. She has also served as the Lead for editorial for R10 Newsletter team in the years 2017 and 2018. As a part of TEMS team, she was also the content manager for TEMS Leader Magazine. She was also the secretary and successfully organised All India Student Young Professionals WIE Congress 2018, which was named one of a kind event. She has hosted and been part of more than 70 events at local, sectional, regional and global level for IEEE and other organisations. She is good leader and team player who loves to work in a fast paced environment. The right set of adjectives to describe her would be innovative,vibrant and independent. Her technical and leadership background backed up with her passion drives her to bring out the best in anything she does.


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