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Bozenna Pasik-Duncan

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Professional Info:

Bozenna Pasik-Duncan received M.S. degree in mathematics from University of Warsaw, and Ph.D. and D.Sc. (Habilitation Doctorate) degrees from Warsaw School of Economics, Poland. She is Professor of Mathematics; Courtesy Professor of EECS & AE; Investigator at ITTC; Affiliate Faculty at Center of Computational Biology, and Chancellors Club Teaching Professor at University of Kansas (KU). She is a strong advocate for STEM education and for women in STEM. She is 2017-2018 IEEE WIE Global Chair, founder of IEEE CSS Women in Control, founder and faculty advisor of Student Chapters of AWM and SIAM, founder and coordinator of KU and IEEE CSS Outreach Programs. She has served in many capacities in several societies. Her current service includes Immediate Past Chair of IEEE WIE, member of IEEE CSS and SSIT Board of Governors, Deputy Chair of CSS TC on Control Education, Chair of AACC Education Committee, member of AACC Nominating Committee, member of IFAC TB, chair of IFAC Task Force on Diversity and Inclusion, member of IEEE Fellow Committee, General Chair of 2019 IFAC Advances in Control Education Symposium, and member of Award Committees of AWM and MAA. Her broad research interests are primarily in stochastic adaptive control and its applications to science and engineering, and in STEM education. She is recipient of many awards that include IREX Fellow, NSF Career Advancement Award, Louise Hay Award, Polish Ministry of Higher Education Award, H.O.P.E. Award, Kemper Fellow, IEEE EAB Meritorious Achievement, Service to Kansas, and IFAC Outstanding Service Awards. She is Life Fellow of IEEE and Fellow of IFAC for “important contributions to stochastic adaptive control, inspiring vision of control as a field that spans science, technology, engineering and mathematics, and for her commitment to control education.” She is recipient of the IEEE. Third Millennium Medal and IEEE CSS Distinguished Member Award. She is inducted to the KU Womens Hall of Fame.

More information including her full resume can be found on her personal web page:

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