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Shaikh Fattah

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Professional Info:

Shaikh Fattah received Ph.D. in ECE from Concordia University, Canada. He was a visiting Postdoctoral Fellow and later visiting Research Associate in the Department of EE at Princeton University, USA. He received the B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees from BUET, Bangladesh, where he is currently serving as a Professor in the Department of EEE and Director of INPE.

He was the winner of Concordia University's the 2009 Distinguished Doctoral Dissertation Prize in ENS and was selected as one of the Great Grads of Concordia University in 2008-2009. During his Ph.D. program, he has received numerous awards. He is a recipient of the Dr. Rashid Gold Medal (in M.Sc.), URSI Canadian Young Scientist Award 2007 and Bangladesh Academy of Science-TWAS Young Scientists Prize 2014. Dr. Fattah has published more than 180 international journal and conference papers. His research interests include the areas of biomedical engineering, power and energy, signal processing, biometric, multimedia communication, robotics and artificial intelligence. His papers received Best Paper Awards in many conferences. He served as General Chair and Technical/Organizing Chair and delivered Keynote Talks in many international conferences. He was the Editor (2013-2014) and now Member of Editorial Board of Journal of EE, IEB. He is a TC member of Asia Pacific Signal and Information Processing Association. He is Associate Editor of two reputed international journals: IEEE Access and Circuits, Systems and Signal Processing (Springer) and Editor of IEEE Power and Energy Society Enews updates.  

Dr. Fattah was the Chair of IEEE Bangladesh Section during 2015-16. He is the Chair (2017-18) of IEEE EMBS Bangladesh Chapter and Founder Chair of IEEE RAS Bangladesh Chapter and IEEE SSIT Bangladesh Chapter. He is the founder Vice-Chair of IEEE IAS Bangladesh Chapter and IEEE SPS Bangladesh Chapter.

Dr. Fattah is the recipient of most prestigious 2016 IEEE MGA Achievement Award, 2018 R10 Outstanding Volunteer Award, 2017 IEEE R10 Humanitarian Technology Activity (HTA) , Outstanding Volunteer Award. He has been serving LRP Committee of IEEE PES and SDHT Committee of IEEE SSIT.  He is the Education Chair of IEEE Humanitarian Activity Committee (HAC).

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