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Sridev Shyam K.V

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Professional Info:

Mr.Sridev Shyam K.V is currently working as an Associate Evangelist with Ciber Digita Consultants LLP – USA, Middle East and Northern Africa (MENA) & India. Previously he worked as a Software Engineer & Business Analyst with a Software Technology Company based in the USA and he was well appreciated for his contributions during his period and was awarded the “Rising Star Award” during 2017. He has an engineering background focused on information technology. He has work experience in the fields of business analysis, business strategy, software development – project management, digital marketing and branding. He has been an active volunteer for IEEE and has served leadership roles at regional and global levels. He was awarded the IEEE Outstanding Volunteer Engineer Award in Student Category (2015) by IEEE Kerala Section. He is also a recipient of the IEEE Student Enterprise Award in the year 2015, awarded by Member and Geographic Activities (MGA) – Student Activities Committee (SAC) (Global).

Sridev is currently serving as the Electronic Communications Coordinator (ECC) of IEEE Kerala Section and also part of IEEE SIGHT, IEEEXtreme, IEEE Tencon 2019 committee etc. He is also associated with volunteering activities of several NPOs & NGOs. He is a member of the Internet Society and working group (WG) member of the IEEE Standards Association in various standards WGs. His areas of interest include Business Strategy, Digital Marketing, Social Media Strategy & Analytics, Marketing/Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity.


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