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Surekha Lanka

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Professional Info:

Ms. Surekha Lanka received Ph.D. Degree in computer science and engineering in 2017, Postgraduate Diploma Courses on Wireless Mobile Communications in 2013, MTech  (Master Of Technology) Computer Science and Technology in 2010, MSc Computer Science in 2008, BSc Computer Science in 2006, Currently pursuing part time (PGDBM) university of Hyderabad. Acquired 10 academic years’ experience in India, Saudi Arabia, Greece and Thailand. Currently working as a successful lecturer at the Stamford International University, Bangkok, Thailand. Dr. Surekha Lanka has published more than 11 international journals and conference papers and 2 grants. Dr. Surekha Lanka member of IEEE, Young Professionals and Volunteer for Successful event IEEE SS12. Currently serving as chair operations for IEEE YESIST12.


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