In a world where energy and power dynamics significantly influence our daily existence, a pioneering initiative is poised to reshape the prevailing narrative. The "South Asia Gender and Energy" (SAGE) program, spearheaded by the World Bank, stands as a transformative endeavor. Central to this program is the visionary undertaking known as the "Women in Power Sector Network in South Asia (WePOWER)." This initiative serves as a beacon of change, aiming to reconfigure the landscape for women's participation in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education.

WePOWER doesn't merely aspire for change; it is a catalyst for a transformative shift in how society perceives and embraces women in the energy and power sector. Imagine a future where the clinking of hard hats and the hum of machinery are harmonized with the brilliance of women engineers and professionals, actively driving innovation and sustainability in the power domain.

The WePOWER track is designed to encourage women's participation in power and energy fields, driving innovation and contributing to a cleaner approach to energy generation. The overarching objective is to bring about significant changes in STEM education for women, ultimately addressing and eliminating hazards in power generation through environmentally friendly practices.

IEEE WePOWER aligns with these goals by dedicating itself to supporting the professional development and success of women in these industries. Additionally, the initiative seeks to cultivate diversity and inclusivity within the power and energy engineering community while actively promoting the concept of sustainable cities and communities.


WePOWER aims to actively promote the adoption of clean energy systems, envisioning a future where they not only contribute to a safe environment for future generations but also position the renewable energy sector as an appealing and rewarding career option for women. Beyond individual empowerment,  WePOWER is dedicated to actively contributing to the comprehensive development of inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable cities and human settlements. This commitment involves fostering positive environmental and societal changes by the increased participation of women in leadership roles within the power and energy sectors. To enhance efficiency, WePOWER will focus on targeted initiatives, partnerships, and advocacy efforts that advance the dual goals of clean energy promotion and women's leadership in sustainable development.

Theme for WePOWER Track 2024

“Clean and Affordable Energy”

This theme places a primary emphasis on mitigating carbon footprints while ensuring the enduring availability of energy for future generations. The focus extends beyond mere reduction to embrace the development and promotion of sustainable energy solutions. By fostering innovation in clean and affordable energy, the WePOWER Track aspires to lead the way in creating a future where energy is not only environmentally responsible but also economically viable.


Participants in the WePOWER Track 2024 are diverse and inclusive, encompassing a wide array of individuals who align with the theme of "Clean and Affordable Energy."

The platform welcomes:

  • Innovators and Creators:

    Those who actively contribute to the development and promotion of sustainable energy solutions.

  • University Students:

    Students from various universities are eligible to participate, providing a platform for the next generation of innovators to showcase their talents and ideas.

  • Graduate Members:

    Individuals with graduate-level expertise who can offer solutions to the problem statements posed by the WePOWER Track. Their knowledge and skills contribute to the advancement of clean and affordable energy initiatives.

By bringing together this diverse range of participants, the WePOWER Track aims to create a collaborative environment where different perspectives and expertise converge to drive innovation in sustainable energy.

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Deadline: 23/05/2023


Enhance Employability

* Focus on skill development in the power and energy sector to expand the talent pool.
* Vision to increase the number of skilled women in power and energy, promoting gender diversity in teams.

Skill Development

* Emphasis on project-based learning to enhance skills and confidence in dealing with practical issues in the Energy Sector.
* Preparation for future careers, addressing learning gaps, and boosting self-esteem.

Recognition and Prestige

* Winning or being recognized in the Grand Finale enhances prestige and opens doors to further opportunities.
* Successful teams establish a reputation in the field as technologists and innovators.

Networking Opportunity

* Participation in an international event provides face-to-face interaction with experts in the power and energy field.
* Opportunities for future collaborations and mentorship, expanding professional networks.

Post Competition Opportunities

* Increased chances for an entrepreneurial future with mentorship provided to promising projects.
* Potential pathways for further development and entrepreneurship, with successful projects evolving into ventures that attract investors or industry interest.

Participating in this initiative not only boosts individual skills and confidence but also offers recognition, networking opportunities, and the potential for entrepreneurial success, ultimately enhancing employability in the dynamic power and energy sector.

Which type of project can be submitted in this Track?

Projects (working model/simulation) and ideas adhering to the track theme “Clean Energy - clean and affordable energy”, falling within the specified domains:

Participants are encouraged to submit projects in the following themes too:

• Renewable Energy
• Demand Scheduling in Active Distribution Systems
• Electric Vehicle
• Sustainable Power Supply Systems for Disaster Management
• Green Energy for Street Lighting

Points to be noted by the Participants:

Rules and Regulations:

Track structure:

Call for abstracts:

Anybody interested in the WePower track is welcome to submit an abstract. There should be a worldwide call for abstracts. Through the online portal, participants can submit their abstracts (available on the website)

Selection and Registration:

Finalist projects are chosen from among the most promising and creative ones, and teams are notified by mail.


Selected teams will present their project works/ideas before the jury during the finals. Evaluation will be carried out based on the criteria.

Track Timeline - DIRECT ENTRY


Call for Abstracts-1

15 Feb - 15 March


Review of Submitted Abstracts

15 March - 20 March


Announcement of qualified abstract

21 March


Call for Abstracts-2

22 March - 10 April


Review of Submitted Abstracts

11 April - 15 April


Announcement of qualified abstract

16 April


Call for Abstracts Final

17 April - 30 April


Review of Submitted Abstracts

1 May - 5 May


Announcement of qualified abstract

6 May


Early Bird Registration

May 2024


Normal Registration Starts

June 2024


Finale at Tunisia

September 2024

FAQs | WePower

The team size can have a maximum of 4  members of which 1 member must be a girl student.

For any Queries, please contact

  • Chair

    Dr. Harivardhagini Subhadra
    Chair | WePOWER Track
    Phone: +91 99851 47962

  • Co-Chair

    Dr. J. Sofia Priya Dharshini
    Co-Chair | WePOWER Track
    Phone: +91 87900 50087