Maker Fair


MakerFair is a unique platform with opportunities for the innovators, makers, and creators to showcase their marvelous products to the international community. Teams with enthusiasm and determination of inventing and showcasing their innovative ideas which are capable from ideation to commercialization are invited to register for this event. In 2021, MakerFair Track have goals to achieve maximum goals which can be helpful to the world regarding the problems World has been facing in recent times under the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


UN Sustainable Development Goals

Points to be noted by the Participants

Selection Method

Stage 1 - Call for Abstracts

Abstract submission is opened to anybody who is interested in taking part in Special Track. Call for abstracts will go globally. Participants should submit their abstracts through the online form (available on the website). Potential and innovative projects are selected for the finals and the teams are intimated via Email.

Stage 2 - Finale

Selected teams will present their project works before the jury during the finals. Evaluation will be carried out based on the criteria.

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