Vibrant Pilot Award 2024


We profusely thank you for the acceptance from your organisation to become the Pilot of this grand international event and make the young innovators and students aware of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and their importance. Social Responsibility is an attribute required to build the character of a student and engineering with empathy is the need of the hour to improve the quality of life. We hope that our working together is a step ahead to serve the humanity with thoughtful innovations from young minds. We are excited to see the best finds by you as a Pilot in the grand finale of YESIST’12 2023.

IEEE YESIST12 is pleased to announce the vibrant pilot awards in the following categories:

  1. Vibrant Pilot – Hall of Fame
  2. Vibrant pilot – Loyalty
  3. Vibrant Pilot – Excellence
  4. Vibrant Pilot – Grand Entry
Note: A pilot can apply to any number of awards meeting the eligibility criteria


Vibrant pilot - Loyalty

This is to honour the pilots who have shown loyalty towards YESIST12 organisation by continuously striving towards excellence shown by increase in the number of teams registered, increase in the number of universities participated and introduction of new pilots to the program. Helping other new pilots to organise their program will receive extra marks.


Vibrant Pilot - Hall of Fame

This is to honour the pilots who have shown excellence in more than one attribute, such as excellence in organisation of the prelims shown by the number of teams turned out for Finals and number of times the teams winning in the finals, industry interaction in the pilot program followed by industry mentorship for the teams, support extended for any entrepreneurship or IPR turning out of the program.


Vibrant Pilot - Grand Entry

There are many pilots newly added every year and the first timers who show excellence in organising the pilots, following the guidelines, volunteer for behind the scenes work and show great endeavour to ensure the success of the event will be selected for this award. This is to encourage the pilots who are new to the game but show winning promise.


Vibrant Pilot - Excellence

Winners will be pilots who show excellence in contributing to the winning teams in the Finals and excellence in continued contribution towards the YESIST12 (SS12). The attributes for evaluation will be taken from the pilots efforts towards best practices for improving the effectiveness of the pilot program, report submitted immediately and report published, follow up activities with the participants reported after the pilot program and after the finals.