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Innovation Challenge

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“Innovation is the change that unlocks new value”

Jammie Notter

Innovation challenge SS12 is an international project competition and maker fair established by IEEE Srilanka Section and IEEE Education Society to acknowledge innovative minds that address social issues across the globe with ingenious solutions.

This exceptional platform conducts competition in two stages, The preliminary stage is conducted across Asian countries and the team that tops the round wins a chance to compete globally to address social issues like Poverty, Famine, Disaster Management and First Aid, Special Needs, Women Safety, Healthcare or Literacy with the assistance of inventive technologies.

All Engineering graduates and professionals have a visionary to make their ideas come true. Unfortunately, the monotonicity of our daily life catches up with us and we look track of our high aspirations and goals are lost in the sea of realism. Bland repetitive work causes the mind to stagnate bringing brain drain into prominence.

Here SS12 acts as a platform to bridge the gap between the Engineers and their Visionary to contribute to the society with innovations. It aids in stimulating their Inherent Potential to pave way for the invention.


1st Prize: $1000
2nd Prize: $500

Innovation Challenge Steering Committee

Divyanshu Verma

Divyanshu Verma

Chair, Innovation Challenge Track
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Innovation Challenge Sub Committee

Dr. Hussain Mahdi

Dr. Hussain Mahdi

Member, Innovation Challenge
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