Do’s and Dont’s


  1. Showcase your originality: Craft a unique idea free from plagiarism and external data sourcing. Remember, authenticity shines!
  2.  One idea, one submission: Avoid submitting the same concept under different names or teams or in different pilots. Let your originality speak for itself.
  3. Align with your track and theme: Embrace YESIST12’s spirit and ensure your submission matches the chosen track and theme.
  4. Respect intellectual property: Obtain permissions for any copyrighted material you use. Integrity matters!
  5. Adhere to guidelines: Be meticulous! Deadline, formatting, and other criteria are crucial for evaluation.
  6. Polish your presentation: Proofread thoroughly, eliminate grammatical errors, and deliver a flawless message.
  7. Highlight your team’s expertise: Showcase your unique and diverse perspectives. Each member’s contribution is valuable.
  8. Collaborative effort is key: Work together effectively, ensuring everyone can explain the project with clarity.
  9. Sharing Correct Information: Participants, While filling the forms and details inclusive of personal information must be true to oneself and fill in the correct information as of their knowledge
  10. Choosing the Right Track: Participants of age between 12-17 can participate only in Junior Einstein Track whereas Participants above age 17 can participate in any track other than Junior Einstein Track.


  1. Ensure to avoid plagiarism or taking data from AI tools while preparing your submission
  2. Don’t submit the same idea under different names/ with different team members/ under different pilots or tracks.
  3. Don’t deviate from the expected theme of YESIST12 and your respective track
  4. Don’t use copyrighted material without permission.
  5. Don’t ignore submission instructions like deadline, formatting and other criteria given by your respective track/ pilot.
  6. Don’t submit the abstract/ presentation without proof-reading and removing grammatical errors.
  7. Don’t forget to show your unique contributions and insights.
  8. Don’t rely on one person’s expertise. The entire team must work together on the project and be able to explain it well.