IEEE YESIST 12 2021 - Junior Einstein Track Runner

Smart Stick For Blinds

  • Team Name

    Team Rakin

  • Project Name

    Smart Stick For Blinds

  • School Name

    Mymensingh Zilla School

  • Team members

    1. Abdullah Al Rakin

  • Country



My project is for the visually impaired people in the society who face all kinds of adversities in their daily life. They cannot see this beautiful world.

Again they have to endure immense suffering while walking on the roads. I have thought a lot to solve this problem,how to make their movement easier & safer.Then I went to the internet and saw what has been discovered so far for the blinds. I saw different glasses/sticks made there, but they are quite costly. So I started thinking about making it at a lower cost. Then one day while making an Obstacle Avoiding car, the idea came to my mind. Then I added all the features one by one.


• Firstly i have used an Arduino Uno and an Ultrasonic sensor connected
with a buzzer. I coded the Arduino Uno in such a way that if there is an object in front of the stick, the alarm will sound. When the blind person hear that sound, he will understand that there is an object in front of him.
• Again, if there is something like water in front of him, an alarm will sound.
• If the stick falls from the blind man’s hand somehow, an alarm will sound on the fallen stick, he will be able to understand where the stick is and pick it up easily.
• If it is a dark night or a cloudy day, An LED light will automatically turn on through
the LDR sensor on the blind stick. Seeing this, the people in the vicinity and the drivers of the distant vehicles can understand the presence of the blind person.
• Also, if a blind person gets stuck or in danger or loses his way, he has to click on the
emergency alarm switch on his stick. It will be a loud sound. Hearing this, the people around him will come forward to help him.
• It is so easy to charge the Stick. I have used 2 Li-ion Batteries for power & they are connected serially. Blind man just need to use a 9V adapter to charge it. And it will take only 2 hours to charge fully. The stick can be use 3 days with one charge.



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