IEEE YESIST 12 2021 - Junior Einstein Track Runner


  • Team Name

    UV Technologies and Robotics

  • Project Name


  • School Name

    Ideal School and College

  • Team members

    1. Farhan Nabi

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The robot is operated with a remote control. It has a battery. Once the battery is fully charged, the robot can run for up to 3 hours straight. The robot has 3 shelf-like chambers. The chamber is equipped with food, medicine or water bottles. In the hospital ward or isolation unit, nurses or family members can easily send medicines and essential items to the corona patient through a robot. The robot also has UV (ultraviolet) light. As a result, the space will be disinfected by killing viruses and bacteria in the places where the robot will move.

The robot can be controlled remotely from a maximum distance of 1 km. This robot has a camera attached. The movement of the robot can be easily controlled. Although the robot came in contact with the corona patient, there is no possibility of spreading the infection through it. It can be easily used at home and in any hospital.



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